Prayer Requests

As a contemplative Franciscan monk an important aspect of my ministry is to demonstrate a duty of spiritual care by walking alongside all of God’s children regardless of their personal beliefs, lifestyles, political, ethnic, etc. and hold them in my daily prayer.

Each morning at: 09.00am and again at: 05.00pm (GMT) we invite you and others to come and join me LIVE on our Livestream Channel, The Abbey of Saint Francis of Peace and Compassion.

The Brothers and Sisters of the Tau Community of Saint Francis make every effort to join our nightly vigil for Global Peace and Interspiritual unity. The vigil goes live every night from: 09.00pm (GMT)

If you would like to purchase a 7 day oil lamp and have it placed before the Blessed Sacrament, then click here.

Namaste ~~ Pax et Bonum,

(Rev) Brother Sean TCOSF

Your prayer request form. Please complete and send to me:

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