The Barefoot Monk’s Ministry

Brother Sean, AKA,’The Barefoot Monk,’ brings to his life’s work a practical ministry which spans over 48 years in the people business. Aged 16, he dedicated his life to God as a Catholic Nursing monk and carried on nursing until 14 years ago when he was forced to take ill health retirement.

Today, with over 38 years of qualified nursing behind him, he has embraced a life of simplicity rooted in the teachings of Jesus, the Barefoot Galilean and that of Saint’s Francis of Assisi, Theresa of Avila, Little Therese of Lisieux and Hildegard of Bingen to name to name a few.

His ministry does not prevent him from supporting clients who are in need of prayer or practical support and guidance. As a spiritual retreat director, holistic therapist, spiritual counselor, author  and professional prayer consultant, he is always available for anyone in need subject to his limited availability

Please see Retreat Ministry & Online/Phone Counseling for further support.


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