Your Soul Coach – Brother Sean was born in Glasgow and brought up in Dublin.  Throughout his life he felt he was being guided and that his life was mapped out.  At the age of 16 he entered a monastic community and became a qualified nursing monk.  Although he left the monastic community when he was 24, he continued nursing for a further 30 years until a major breakdown became his breakthrough. He retrained as a sacred garden designer, incorporating the Angel (Feng Shui) Healing Bagua, empowering clients and students to self heal by adopting the core values of this sacred Divine Blueprint given to Sean by the Angelic Realms in 1998. 

Today, Brother Sean has been guided in his heart to live as an enclosed Franciscan contemplative monk who believes that simplicity and a childlike trust is important in one’s availability and vulnerability on his spiritual pathway to Source.

Guided by his love of the Cosmic Christ, Magdalene, Mother Mary, St. Therese of Lisieux and Saint Francis of Assisi, he is empowered to embrace the Natural World –the Franciscan soul in his own healing process.  Over many years of soul searching for a meaning to life’s greatest mysteries, he now upholds the simple view that ‘everything is possible for God,’ if we just learn to surrender our hearts to God in childlike trust. For the soul who is seeking personal intimacy with one’s God, then we are challenged to make positive adjustments in our daily lives which will enable the Sacred to touch their hearts, regardless of where they are at in life.

Brother Sean holds the view that the soul is forever searching and so often we look to find God, not in stillness, but in all of the wrong places. We need to be aware of the ploys which the enemy of God uses to distract the mind as it seeks out God’s love. We are dutifully bound by our sacred contracts to be truthful to our heart. There is an insatiable longing within the heart and soul of each person to sense completeness and a deeper understanding of who God is. The need to nurture our soul’s potential development with a healthy diet of spiritual sustenance, such as daily meditation, quiet prayer, silence and regular walks amongst nature is what the soul really needs. In the event of failing to honour our heart, we will inadvertently run the gauntlet of pressing the ‘self destruct’ button by leaving ourselves wide open to discouragement. BROTHER Sean firmly holds the view that the main enemies of the soul are:

  • EGO
  • Living in a ‘Me’ culture.
  • A consumer driven spiritually impoverished society.
  • Lack of spiritual supervision and training

An essential part of Brother Sean’s healing ministry is to empower his clients embrace their God through the Natural World. It is here where the soul can be one with nature and performs the sacred dance of the soul’s longing to embrace the Divine Oneness of all that IS before Brother Sun and Sister Moon. He also believes that if we are willing to honour what our heart guides us to do then there will come the assurances the heart seeks of perfect bliss in God and with God.

Over too many years, in his work as a soul coach and spiritual director, Brother Sean has encountered many clients who tell him that they are ‘literally stuck’ in their life where they are unable to go forward mainly because of a fear based mindset. What is so alarming, is that clients who say they are on a spiritual journey and who regularly indulge in the ‘N.L.P. (neuro-linguistic programming) actually end up raping the soul’s divinity by giving permission to their mind to create havoc. The dynamics of processing will generate a series of thought processes which will demand answers which are not always spiritually sound or productive for a co creator of God. When the Divine communicates particular guidance as a specific message for the soul to act upon, it is for the heart to acknowledge and not the head. NLP is a positive tool when one is on the career path but not to be encouraged when seeking spiritual direction. In saying that, the ancient Essenes were considered the founding Fathers of Psychotherapy and their Affirmations which are said twice daily to re-programme the mind bringing it into subjection within the heart will create a positive mind set for the soul to actively engage with God.

Over many years, Brother Sean’s spirituality has been tested just like all who are in service to Source. He is committed to raising spiritual awareness of himself and others regardless of any religious persuasion. He perceives that his brand of spirituality as an additional sacred tool that is a practical approach to the Spiritual Gardening of the soul as demonstrated by Saint Francis of Assisi. 

Of great influence on Sean has been an ancient energy known to Sean as ‘Divfemasc Energy’ (The Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine energies of Jesus and Mary Magdalene). As a result of their guidance and inspiration, Sean established the ‘Sean Bradley Academy’ to pass on his knowledge and skills to fellow students and therapists so that they could use the very same gifts of Spiritual Healing and Soul Coaching to their clients. All our Therapists are develop his own style of accredited Practitioner Healers as therapists and teachers of the Academy and affiliated with the National Federation of Healers (UK) and the Global Forum of Healers.

Through painstaking research over many years, Brother Sean accepts that the early Christian Fathers behaved dishonourably when they removed all reference to the Divine Feminine (Mary Magdalene) by enforcing her to a life of exile with a new title of ‘fallen woman’ added to her name. During Sean’s training as a Catholic nursing monk, he refused to accept that Mary Magdalene was anything but a wise and learned scholar whose very presence challenged even St. Peter and his inner circle of devotees to the point of extraditing her from Jerusalem.

Brother Sean accepts that the inherent squabbles that proceeded after the death of Jesus created an imbalance of male/female energies that finally damaged the ‘word of God from God’ to all men and women leaving many confused and isolated from God. Thankfully, today, many courageous men and women like Sean have been forced to ‘shed the skins of their former religious family’ by taking back their power thus having the freedom to embrace God in their own way.

Brother Sean’s Spirituality embraces the old as well as the modern belief systems that embrace the Divine within man and creation. Many spiritual pathways have been absorbed by his faith journey to Source. Please read his books or listen to his voice on the CDs that he had been guided to record for his clients and students. They really do lift the soul.

The ancient therapy that is now handed down from Jesus and Magdalene through Sean to his clients and therapists, was initially first practised by the Therapeutia Essenes from Egypt over 8000 years ago. Clients who experience this remarkable therapy say there are no words to express what they feel in their soul. Therapists who are trained using The Brother Sean Technique in this ancient 8000 year old healing art/ energy, say that it is unlike any other therapy.

The only words that best describes the therapy are that it is a ‘SOUL THERAPY,’ from GOD to His/Her children to help them self heal and reclaim their Prosperity Consciousness and Spiritual Abundance as co creators of Source.

Soul Searching for Self-Improvement

Many of us know people- maybe ourselves –who always seems to pick the same type of man/woman with whom to have a relationship. Someone, who ultimately, lets them down,.

They endure a repeat pattern of self destructive failure. Yet, this is often just an emotional response to some deeper seated distress and disquiet. Similarly, more often than not, there are emotional reasons for other addictions, including those that are physical such as drinking too much alcohol or relying on illegal or prescription drugs to get through the day.

Soul coaching can help develop personal awareness. It can help us understand why we are acting to ‘punish’ ourselves. It can make us realize our true strengths. Just knowing our strengths can be enough to enable us to take back control- our personal power of our lives and overcome negative behavioral patterns.

By focusing on positive thought re-enforcement, soul coaching can open up new perspectives and transform lives. It can be the most empowering of processes.

Introduction to Brother Sean’s Technique in Holistic Energy Medicine underpinned by the ancient teachings of the Essenes together with the energies of the Cosmic Christ, Magdalene, the Divine Feminine and Franciscan Spirituality.

  • What it is
  • Who needs it
  • What it might achieve
  • How to go about it

Soul Searching for Personal Development 

  • How the work can enable you to regain control of your life

Soul Searching for Self-Improvement

  • Can help develop personal awareness

Physical Healing and Soul Coaching

  • What soul coaching achieves

Individual Soul Coaching Sessions.

  • Cost.
  • Where

Group Work /Spiritual Retreats

  • Self awareness /self- healing
  • Monastery of Saint Francis -South Lakes (UK)

Our Core beliefs and values               

We are influenced by the ancient teachings of the Therapeutia Essenes of Egypt and Mount Carmel; by the healing energies of the Divine Feminine-Mary Magdalene; by Sananda Jesus; by Mother Earth and Nature Spirits and by the Archangels.

We support those who are trapped in a negative mindset or affected by spiritual and mental depressive incapacity. We empower people to reclaim; release; embrace a complete wellness and wholeness of their Mind, Body and Spirit.

Our goal is to Awaken the Divine within by introducing Holistic Spirituality with prosperity consciousness and spiritual abundance for all seekers in search of their Divine Truth

Introduction to Soul Searching/Coaching

You are amazing.

But when did you last celebrate that fact? Life (goes the old adage) is what you make it. But sometimes, you can give it your best shot and try as you might seemingly through no fault on your part it doesn’t always turn out how you had in mind.

Bereavement, relationship breakdowns, family turmoil, money worries and frustrations at work can leave us gripped by real fears and anxieties. But maybe agonized by guilt and anger; trapped in a negative mindset; feel overwhelmed by events and no longer in control of our life. A positive mindset and a more hopeful future seem impossible to imagine.

Such emotional turbulence can quickly (and in some cases quite drastically) impact on our mental and physical wellbeing. It is time for some soul searching-easier said than done when there’s the ‘to do’ list of daily living to wade through. Sometimes we need help to re-discover who we are, where we are at and what we want for ourselves. Soul coaching may help.

Soul coaching as delivered by Sean Bradley, uses powerful creative visualization techniques, and combined with Sean’s soothing ‘Irish lilt’ create a relaxed atmosphere for positive thought re-enforcement to promote self healing. At the same time, it enables us to let go, forgive ourselves our past mistakes and learn to love ourselves and our lives once more.

Brother Sean uses an ancient energy, used by the Essenes to re-programme their Soul’s DNA through the use of specific positive affirmations that, if said daily, should have a positive outcome

Soul coaching is a practical approach to soothing the spirit that makes us the special person we are.

Soul Searching for Personal Development

Platitudes cannot always ease pain. No matter how many words of wisdom you hear from supportive family or friends following a life crisis, it can be hard to pick yourself up again.

Enforced change- even when it is positive (such as having a baby) can swipe at our self-esteem, low self-esteem can wreak havoc with our health.

Soul coaching can help you take back control of your life. It’s techniques are used to help people suffering panic attacks, anxiety and depression. It can help release anger and other negative emotions so that calm and clarity are restored. Free from anguish and without fear and gnawing negativity, change is easier to embrace.

Brother Sean’s Franciscan Spiritual Retreats

Sean also hosts a number of Group Workshops and Courses (maximum size 12 per group) embracing the soul’s true potential. In addition to these, he also provides a selection of courses for therapists in Essenic Energy Medicine and Spirituality by Distance Learning Modules.

Details of Sean’s Courses and forthcoming Spiritual Retreats/ events can be obtained by visiting the website at: www.sean-bradley.com/retreat.htm and  www.brotherseanbradley.com 

Physical Healing and Soul Coaching

Many physical health problems have an emotional link and not just the more obvious ones such as panic, anxiety and depression. All sorts of painful conditions in various parts of the body may be triggered by our state of mind.

Soul coaching can be the key to unlocking the body’s own healing channels, especially when delivered by Sean, who has worked as an intuitive soul therapist for many years having  qualified as a Psychiatric nurse in 1970 and as an SRN in 1975 whilst a nursing monk. Sean has over 40 years experience in caring for individuals both as a spiritual healer and Therapeutic Counselor, befriending clients who have faced cancer and other life threatening illnesses. Says Sean: “In some cases, the person is not going to get better. The healing is therefore in terms of helping them and their families prepare for what lies ahead. It can help make that journey less fearful.”

Individual Soul Coaching Sessions.

All soul coaching sessions, as delivered by Sean under his professional name of, The Sean Bradley Academy of Essenic Energy Medicine/Therapeutic Channeling, are held on a one to one basis and last for approximately ninety minutes. Sessions/ programmes are tailored to meet needs of each individual.

For clients who require more in-depth therapeutic sessions, they are invited to attend our centre here in the South Lakes for a residential session lasting from 6hours up to 24 hours depending on the needs of the client at that time.

Details about the range of personalized therapies both residential and non residential are available by visiting Brother Sean’s websites at:

www.sean-bradley.com www.monasteryofsaintfrancis.com 

A personalized 90 minute session with Sean can cost: ₤75.00 – ₤95.00. An 18 hour residential one to one with Sean costs from: ₤395.00. 

Clients, who are unable to pay for their session/s, can make a donation towards their accommodation and therapies.

Details of other services are available upon request, or on the website.

Dedicated to Brother Sean.

The Barefoot Angel Man 

Sean you are a man of faith,
Sean your life is blessed with grace.
A man so talented pure and free,
You showed us love and said “Just be”.
Chapel Gap is an energy portal,
You taught us we are more than mortal.
We are spirit shining like the stars,
We can travel anywhere and we don’t need cars.
You are surrounded by love, Rob, Winston and Miss Elle,
With all that love who needs the telly.
The house is filled with peace and love,
The garden is blessed by the angels above.
We came to you as limping wrecks,
You anointed our feet and hands and necks.
You gave us love and by and by,
The lessons you gave taught us all how to fly.
I look at myself and feel much richer,
Thanks Sean for giving me the bigger picture.
I am a child of God, filled with love and light,
In the mirror now I am a beautiful sight.
I rise in the morning and have quiet time,
I know this space is Gods and mine.
I feel at peace and go with the flow,
Onwards and upwards, that’s where I’ll go.
Thank you Sean for sharing your space,
Thank you Sean for love, light and grace.
At Chapel Gap an angel I did see,
He goes around barefoot and tells you “Just be”.

Janet Quigley
Student TCCP Therapist October 2004

Monastery of Saint Francis 

Chapel Gap- South Lakes. UK


A Secret Oasis that is distinctly unique!

Self Catering Accommodation with a difference!

The Monastery of Saint Francis is now seen by many of its clients as not just the ‘Assisi of the South Lakes’ but also a Spiritual Watering Hole providing Franciscan Hospitality for the weary traveller in search of respite

Storth, South Lakes is a small village where time stands still and values matters for the discerning guest.  

Chapel Gap is perceived by many of its guests as an Oasis of Peace, Tranquillity and Stillness ideal for those in search of ‘Me Time’ 

How to Contact Brother Sean:

Monastery of Saint Francis

Chapel Gap, 

Storth, Milnthorpe. 



T: +0044-1524-762292

W www.monasteryofsaintfrancis.com  OR www.brotherseanbradley.com 



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